London is one of the most visited cities world wide. It is a mix of history, style, and culture. We are happy to announce that DARS 2016 will be held in the Natural History Museum, which is one of the most famous attractions in London.

London provides a large variety of architectural, cultural (e.g. Buckingham Palace), culinary, entertaining (e.g. Musicals at the West End) and shopping attractions are available.

All those fantastic attractions are just one tube (subway) ride away. Here is a short introduction on how to travel in London:

Despite the reputation of British food, London offers many places that serve great food:

If you visit London you shouldn’t forget to try the traditional afternoon tea:

Of course, the weather in England is not always great. But, if you are prepared, London is a marvellous travel destination during the entire year.

As you can see, London offers many things for any weather.

Useful Links

Local attractions (walking distance)

Eat, drink, do

General notes

  • Smoking is banned in all pubs and restaurants of England
  • Driving is *not* recommended as parking is hugely expensive
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