Instructions for Presenters

Papers accepted for oral presentation

Bring your laptop and a PDF backup of your slides (USB stick). If you need a computer, inform us via no later than 24th October 2016.

Please arrive early enough to meet the session chair and to tell them your name, affiliation and the title of your paper before the session starts. You have 15 minutes for your talk, which includes time for speaker transition and connecting your laptop. In addition, there will be 5 minutes for questions & answers. Please test your system in the coffee break prior to your session, and let us know if there are any issues.

Regarding the structure of your talk, we recommend you use no more than 12 – 15 slides. Prepare your talk carefully to be informative and interesting to a wide audience (DARS is single track). Do not forget to include a couple of slides explaining the context of your work, and what gap in the literature it addresses. Most DARS talks will be fairly technical; while this is encouraged, please give sufficient time for the audience to absorb your methods and equations.

Papers accepted for poster presentation

Your presentation has two components: a 1-min pitch (poster preview) and a 90-min poster presentation (lunch will simultaneously be served). This will afford you the opportunity to present your work to a large audience (there is only a single track) and to interact more deeply with those who are interested to learn more.

1) Presenting the preview of your poster (Flett Theatre)

You will have only 1 minute to present a preview of your poster (presentations occur in the order as listed in the program). Use the time wisely. There will be no questions in the preview.

You can choose to present freely without any slides (we will then show the paper title, author names and affiliations). If you prefer slides, however, send a maximum of 2 slides in ppt or pdf format to no later than 24th October 2016. You could structure your slides as in the digest, but try to have as few text as absolutely needed. One of the slides may include a single video. We will upload your slides onto a shared computer – there will be no time for connecting your laptop.

2) Presenting your poster (Foyer)

The format of the poster must be A1 portrait (594mm width x 841mm height) – do NOT print your poster in landscape. You will have to bring an A1 hardcopy – there are no printing facilities on site. We recommend the following font sizes:

  • title 72pt
  • subheadings 32pt
  • body text 24pt

On the day of your presentation (Monday or Tuesday – see, we recommend you set up your poster early in the morning (you can do so from 8:30am) and remove it in the late afternoon (before 5:20pm). Your poster can thus stay visible throughout the day.

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